The Breaking Point

Ever since I was cleared to run back in October, I’ve been plagued with a nagging knee issue. A couple weeks or so of therapy and strength would show signs of progress, but every step running was absolutely miserable. 

I tried even going back to what I learned at GTC Elite and doing walk jogs. They started off promised, but after my week in Cincinnati, I was in a great deal of pain. I tend to hold my emotions inside when I’m injured. As I don’t want people to know I’m struggling. A lot of people say it’s better to be positive during these times. While it is, I’m gonna be blunt here…’s a shitty situation when you see your friends qualifying for the trials and you’re on the couch getting out of shape. 

It got to the point of taking a week off and getting therapy, massages, and ungodly amounts of icing. Then I hit the gym. I was tired of the bike, elliptical, pool, etc. I got to the point of F@$# IT! If it’s gonna hurt I’m going to train through it and get an MRI and go from there. 

I scheduled an MRI (earliest I could get was two weeks away) and then I started jogging. Averaging 7:45pace. No pain. I lifted and decided I’m going to be stronger than ever. So a regiment of basic core everyday and lifting upper and lower body on separate days twice a week with jogging has commenced. I’ve also decided to do a cleanse this month. There will be no drinking and eating only fish, vegetables, and complex carbs.

Once I went through my MRI….I laid there thinking what could this be that’s been affecting my knee for so long? Doubts and fears clouded me as I lay there in silence. Soon tears swelled my eyes and it was an emotional release of frustration during my silent meditation in the machine.

A week has passed since the MRI. A week of fun NYE memories, miles run, lifts crushed, and working hard. Keeping my mind clear and focused on my goal of racing in May up in NJ.

And this morning after my run, I received a call the doctor. My heart started to race….as she said “We have your results, and the MRI shows NO fractures or tears.” I literally screamed for joy (still in the locker room at the gym with multiple eyes looking at me as though I was crazy). 

What now? Still moving forward smart and patiently. Do rehab work on the areas, get massages, and focus on recovery. The miles will come. The races will be crushed again. Now it’s time to rebuild. Now it’s time to take this small victory and build on the breakdown. 

I want to thank Performance Therapy, SE Chiropractic, Dr. Anthony Sanchez, my friends, and most importantly my family for believing in me when I didn’t at times.

2016….it’s time to get it! 




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