It’s not a Comeback, it’s a Rebirthing

Injury after injury in my running career has resulted in multitudes of comebacks to my top form. But over the time of this past illness I started to realize, do I really want to comeback? You never really learn when fall back into old habits. No, I want a rebirth! A fresh awakening to the sport. Start a fire that will burn heavy into my heart and spark my dreams becoming a reality.


Since the time of getting over mononucleosis, I have started training again. Dealing with typical soreness that comes from working out muscles, and just fighting through it. Until one day the pain was too much to bear. My IT band was pulling on the lateral side of my knee. Each stride and contraction stabbed deeper with pain. I realized I had fallen into the habit of overdoing my progression into running more miles too quick. Why do I have to make it a comeback? Why do I get impatient and force it? Series of questions ponder my thoughts as to why I can not just jump back to my old self and pound away at the pavement again.

Then as I contacted Carson, my chiropractor, and Brad McKay at Performance Therapy; I realized I need a new approach.

Welcome the rebirth to a new runner, and person. I have devoted a lot of my time to prayer, going back to church, focusing on my weakness physically, and building on my strengths. I am cross training everyday and doing some form of therapy with my chiropractor or Brad a few times a week. This new me is gonna be proactive and headstrong to overcome setbacks and doubt. With worry and doubt comes defeat. I will not be defeated. I will rise up to the challenge to be better. To be not only stronger, but smarter.

I will see you on the line in 2016.


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