Starting Over

This year has been quite a rough ride for me. It started off great with a 3k PR but turned sour with injuries and illnesses. I was able to come back to run a decent 10k up in Newport, NJ. Things seemed to be going well, but lack of strength caught up with me and my fitness suffered greatly. Then, I contracted an upper respiratory infection that plagued me for 3 weeks. I tried to run a 4mi race down in Columbia, but my health wasn’t up to the task.

With other personal life issues playing a part in my overall motivation, I found myself in a state of doubt. Could I really do this? Was 2014 the best I could run? A swirling of emotions clouded my head. But I keep finding myself striving to qualify for the trials. Though 2016 may be a stretch, 2020 will happen!

I’ve committed to running longer workouts to build strength and slowly boosting my mileage. This fall will be a return to my 2014 fitness level and propel me to PRs this Spring (not saying that a PR this fall won’t happen).

My first real race to start this fall/winter campaign will be a 5miler on Labor Day down in Columbia. This will be a great fitness test before I fly up to my favorite race up on Long Island, The Great Cow Harbor 10k. Last year still has me stunned on my performance, but also intrigued to see how far I can push myself past that.

Till next time, be sure to Find Your Strong!


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