Not in this Alone


A lot has happened since I posted last. My job has me working 40-45hrs a week and running has been going well (minus a little ankle issue that I am now over). Its been a tough transition to having a constant group of workout partners to waking up every morning and heading to the track alone. The only person keeping me accountable…… me and my watch. Occasionally the high school coach for my alma mater will be out there and give me some words of encouragement as I am repping away intervals on the old stomping grounds. Also my Sunday long runs with Kimberly Ruck are always a pleasure.

A few weeks ago we were chatting the last few minutes of the run (and for our normal 5min walk cool down) about how training was going for one another. The subject about how workouts were going and I admitted that the solidarity of the workouts were less than appealing. She reminded me of a book that we read that my previous coach Mike Caldwell gave us to read. “Elite Minds” pointed out that you are not in this alone. No matter when you feel like you are, there are always people there to help you and be there for you.

This is most evident in what happened in the coming weeks after ETSU. On the Monday after the race I went and saw my chiropractor Dr. Tyler Jack at Southeast Sports & Rehab. As I came in the office manager and I had talked about us partnering together. Dr. Riddle and Dr. Jack graciously decided to sponsor me and support my dreams of chasing the Olympic Trials Qualifier for 2016. I am quite blessed to have these two keeping me healthy and encouraging me on my dream.  The practice focuses not only on rehab, but strengthening and correcting problem areas. I know in the past I have been one to get right back to running after an injury, but I doubt I ever corrected my issue. Dr. Jack has spent many a session with me show me proper lifting form and making sure that I am not developing improper habits. With his expertise, I know that I can overcome any physical ailment and keep my training up.

Another great opportunity happened yesterday. I was on break at work and I had forgotten to check my personal email before I headed into work that morning. I came across an email from Saucony about the Hurricane Program I had applied for in December. As I scrolled the email, I began to realize that I had be selected to be a member of it. Excitement filled me and I jumped out of my chair in the break room. This was a great opportunity and another blessing from a great company. I am looking forward to working with this year.

Just remember, in all things you are never alone. To achieve your dreams you need to believe not only in yourself, but the others who put themselves in your life to help you.

Till next time, keep running hard and chasing your dreams!



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