Catching Up on the Hype

img_33992.jpg A lot has happened between November and now with my life and running. I decided to move home and pursue my dream back where it all started in Spartanburg, SC. After two and a half years with Asics/GTC-Elite and working under Coach Mike Caldwell (who I was very blessed and grateful to have the privilege to work with and progress under), I just believed I needed a change.

Luckily, with my family’s support I have been able to pursue my dream still and job hunt. Training and coaching myself has become a bit of a task, but I am blessed to have some advisers to help me structure my workouts in my training schedule so I can achieve my goals in 2015.

Where do I begin on what’s happened in all this time? Well after the move back home, it was difficult to get into a training routine again and find motivation to work toward something. It was around that time I heard from my friend Matt Elliott about racing the open race at Footlocker South Cross Country Regional in Charlotte, NC. Since I was gonna be up in the Queen City for Thanksgiving with my family, I thought it would be good to test the gears and hang out with Matt for the first time in a while.

Needless to say Footlocker did not go as well as I had hoped. Matt laid a serious smack down and ran 14:33 over the 5k XC course and I shuffled in for second in 14:52. I was rather disappointed but really stoked for my friend, who I believe has a bright 2015 ahead of him.  After that, I got my head on right about my running. I decided to race Main Street Crit 8k and go after it there.

I had my next few weeks planned out, but the following Tuesday I ran into a snag with some hamstring tendentious. With this issue, I was able to meet a great resource and group of people at Southeast Sports & Rehabilitation where Dr. Tyler Jack got me back up and moving. Later in the week I met up with Matt while he was in town to knock out an epic workout in the rain together to get ready for the Crit.

The days and miles passed by, as well as multiple appointments with Dr. Jack for adjustments and graston on my hamstrings and troubled areas. Needless to say…..graston was an experience! Workouts were coming along, but my legs itched to race. I came across a post for Cold WInter’s Day 5k in Columbia (5days before the Crit) and thought this would be a perfect race hurt to myself into before trying to crush an 8k against some of the best in the southeast. I drove down the morning of the race and went after a time bonus, but I was no match for the rolling course. I ended up taking the W in 14:49 and felt well satisfied with my effort.

Between then and the Crit, I basically ran maintenance miles and strides to get the legs feeling fresh for the New Year’s Eve competition. And boy, was I feeling ready to go!

I don’t think I can really describe the race to put into detail how I felt during and after the race. The Crit could not have gone any better (well I say that but you know you can’t be greedy when you run a personal record). The pack shot off the line and into a 9loop pursuit for money and fast times. I remember latching on the to tail end of the lead pack and trying to stay relaxed as they attacked the first few laps.  The pack quickly strung out at Jeff See of Saucony and Furman Elite and the Kenyans led the race and Wilkerson Given and I stuck onto the back. About half way I found myself alone and in no man’s land. With an American and four Kenyans just out of reach, I kept trying to push and maintain my position.

With a lap to go I buckled down and surged around every turn and dug till the finish. Coming out that evening with a 25sec PR running 23:27, I was HYPED!!! Finishing as the second American in a very talented field was great too. I took the next few days easy and have started a new training cycle. Building mileage and strength to carry me into the spring for some fast times!

This past weekend I hopped in a local 5k (Race for the Grasshopper at Cowpens Battlefield) just to get a hard tempo in and then do a fartlek after I raced it. It was a bitterly cold morning and I set a course record of 14:56 in 20degree weather. It was a solid way to end a 90mi week.

Now with a long year ahead of my, I have decided to sit down and layout a training and race plan. Going after some fast times and big results this year! I am looking forward to sharing this journey with you and hearing about your adventures as well, so feel free to contact me.



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